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A little extra care with the Ashlar markings make a big difference to final appearances.

The neighbours did pretty well out of this renovation.

Retention trenching takes up the whole back yard. Site documentation photos by phone camera.

Fabric [geotex] on before backfilling & grass over.


What you see here is a shared easement used for access for four properties. We did a renovation to the rear of the new building which you can see has the new roller door.
The renovation consisted of new bath , kitchen, living, deck and garage. The boards drainage mains ran under the new garage footprint so we were required to encase these as a first step at no small expense [about 10k].
The client was required at his expense to do a new driveway on the easement to the far boundary of his property for the benefit of all 4 owners. There is no cost sharing as with new fences to adjoining properties.