Every house tells a storey and this one is no exception. This one started as a corner block with an existing home and an adjoining run down shop frontage with a garage over.
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House to the left was the property which financed the second house rebuild.

Barge boards cut out with water jets. Every effort made to keep appearances in opulent character of this period.

Rear lane view showing walled deck with entertainment accomodation under with garage.

All rendered facades, decorative window surrounds minimized to the rear elevation.


This property was picked up by a would be self taught home hany women renovator. She subdivided the block and did some superficial renovations to the existing cottage and sold this one off to finance a new in character dwelling on the old work shop site. I got involved in the clearing the remanents of the old workshop...there was a few weeks work there with our 5T excavator with hammer and grabs getting rid of the enclosed concrete garden beds and thousands of meters of electrical wiring...apparently the previous owner was an old german garbo worker with a bit of cash cropping on the side. We built this one to lock up stage to the owners specification...and as you can see she has turned out a sight for sore eyes. Basement existing was turned into garage/ laundry/ in law accomodation, ground floor double brick and first floor brick veneer. With a section 96 we were able to squeeze in another bedroom to the roof space. External completely rendered with decorative trims .Traditional slate roof installed by Sydney’s best slate tradie.
A budget was definetly kept in mind doing this project..you could of easily spent $70k on the 4 level staircase but it was done for less than half that cost with careful shopping. Sold 2007 for about $1.7.....the build was about $500 so she made a pretty penny on this one.

Interior designer practised her own skills to make a kill here.