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Partially sanded weather boards maintained for orginality

New add-on to the rear of restored cottage.

A Profit Maker


This was a million dollar knock down rebuild...all except the front facade any way...the council had heritage feelings for it which required it to be maintained....the solution...the complete front wall was picked up and stored at the side of the site so that work could proceed on the main building and near the conclusion the facade was lifted back in place and then rebuilt with new timber board by can see the architects touch by the front door where the originals boards were refixed and not painted a new. The basement in this house was dug out of rock and required extensive perimeter drainage with auto pump out to dispose of the continual under rock seepage. Height and shadowing were a concern for neighbours hence you see the flat butyl clad roof with high level perimeter windows as most of the first floor is in the space of the previous pitched roof of this workers cottage This job had a few issues between architect and owner...the owner late in the piece wanting shadowline door trim instead of usual architraves. The architect having specified the whole job in treated pine [ to deal with any ant problem] which is lucky to have a straightness factor of no better then 10mm in 2meters doesn’t lend itself to a good finish....steel stud tracking should of been used as framing members to produce a satisfactory shadow line finish........if the architect or builder had been informed of this requirement before the build, then these problems could of been eliminated. This is a good example of build as you go by client [mind changing ]causing issues upsetting themselves, architect and builder