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Tempoary services reconnected, Brick piers and hardwood floor framing in.

Wall framing started

This back yard was a good space to make up frames in

Ply wall bracing, yellow tongue flooring

Keeping internals protected whilst removing existing back external wall

Roof trusses on and bowral blue blacks loaded out

Valley boards in. trusses fixed off and old roof left underneath to the last minute

Tarp ready to go when tiles come off.

With roof cover up more internal walls can come down

New internal wall framing, looking out.

Beam put in to support old ceiling joists

Orange tongue boards getting puhed around for final fix off before floating floor install

Now locked up with three and one bifold door all with lami glass to meet basix requirements

Internal plaster with first paint coats and floating floor boards getting slid into placeat, odio.


Rear patio already demolished and boards sewer already encased with piers along side