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Its out of focus so you can't look to hard at the way it was.

The back yard out of control.

The walls were clad with western red cedar and roof had new color bond corri laid on.

The enclosed back verandah using second hand glazes items

Internally looking out

New chinese vanity with left over ceramic tiles used

A coat of poly urethane on the old lounge room flooring

The kitchen cupboards repainted including bench tops with a new oven & cook top.


This is an interesting was saved from the banks sheriff in the nick of time...the owners instead of being on the street were relocated into a modern 2 bed villa close by with a deposit in the bank for their next purchase after they re-established themselves with new jobs. As you can see this is a property which got it over the owners in terms of property maintenance, landscaping as well as mortgage maintenance This property has a complete minimalistic make over also enclosing the external deck for the new living room..the new owners have now added their own deck to the living room now that council has relaxed DA requirements for this type of building element. See pictures ........they tell their own story