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The top deck had a fibro enclosure with exposed plumbing..the architect recreated this feel adding shutters to the window. One of the bathrooms here serves as an ensuite to the main bedroom

There is a garage under with auto sliding timber gate to match the fencing. All glazed items were custom made to preserve character.

All timber work seasoned Marbou

Front deck was restored existing windows gentle repair & lower deck reconcreted with tesscilated tiling over to match original.

Mid level french doors were cur in with new curved brick heads. The kitchen is on this level and below laundry, cellar etc.

This was a $6 - $700k re furb which has made the owner very happy as they picked up a couple of hundred k with the new views over Balmain Bay.


This property was bought by the owner as a deceased estate with a timber rear decking somewhat in this style..but it had to be demolished as it was in a dangerous condition. The brick front section was pretty sound structurally except for front deck.
The internals were stripped out and an architect & engineer employed to bring the building back to its old character