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. If you are a savvy investor and wish to maximize your return on your capital investment then a duplex is a great strategy if your block has the capacity to sustain a dual occ. You gain in two ways, the first being a lower land purchase cost [block price/2 ] and secondly economies to scale on the build as it is more efficient to build two houses at the one time [construction cost per square meter is less].

See following example:   975sqm block 40% build ratio purchase price $395K. If your land purchase is more expensive then expect higher rental returns

                                                Build price Turn Key $600k

                                                Rental return $650/wk each unit

                                                Depreciation write off ~ $80k/unit for first 5years


Wide Block Floor Plan


Single storey 2 car 4bed design to suit a wide block frontage

Dual Occ Sheet by Liverpool Council


A dual occupancy development is where two residential dwellings are, or are proposed to be, located on a single allotment of land. These types of proposals are sometimes known as “Duplexes”, “Granny Flats” orStudios”. Under Council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and corresponding Development Control Plan (DCP)

 There are three (3) main types of dual occupancy development: 

  • Detached Dual Occupancy
  • Attached Dual Occupancy
  • Granny Flat (Secondary Dwelling)

 The LEP and DCP sets out the broad planning requirements, rules and regulations for a range of developmenttypes, including dual occupancy. This Fact Sheet explains how you can apply for approval for these types of developments and what issues require specific consideration.

 For information on secondary dwellings in rural areas (rural workers’ dwellings), please refer to the separate Council Fact Sheet.

 Attached & Detached Dual Occupancy

 Attached and detached dual occupancies are permissible uses in a wide range of land use zones in the Shire. To check whether or not a dual occupancy is permitted on your land, the first step is to obtain a section 149(2) planning certificate, or, send a letter to Council with a sketch of your proposal seeking confirmation that a dual occupancy is allowed on the land. Both attached and detached dual occupancies require a Development Application (DA) to be submitted and approved by Council. Examples of attached and detached dual occupancy developments are provided in the pictures below:

 A range of development standards exist for detached and attached dual occupancy, for example, landscaping requirements, parking rate provision, building setbacks and vehicle access arrangements. These standards are ully detailed in the Liverpool Plains Shire Development Control Plan which can be downloaded from the Council’s website www.lpsc.nsw.gov.au. Prospective applicants are encouraged to seek the assistance of a suitably qualified and experienced building professional when collating their plans and supporting documentation. It is also recommended that contact be made with Council early (well in advance of lodgement) to ensure that the proposal will comply with the relevant standards.


Depreciation E-Book by Quantity Surveyor

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Some Duplex designs to give you Ideas