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This week we started a new job in Glebe; this job consists of a demolition, renovation, underpinning, excavation.  And the addition of another two levels of building space.  You can see the demolition in progress here.

The first steps of underpinning are removal of the existing garage slabs.


Steel beam Insertion

Inserting steel beam in plave of existing sandstone support wall

Propping floor to Underpin

Removing sandstone support wall and installing steel Beams

Squeezing under roller door head to muck out

To remove solid concrete one of the best methods used is to cut it up into manageable size pieces about a metre by 1 m.  These chunks of concrete are still too heavy to lift by hand, but a Bobcat will make easy work of them.

Cutting concrete is always a tricky affair, especially when there is unknown water pipes/power cables where they are not supposed to be.  As you can see we managed to get one.  It was just under the surface of the concrete.  You would expect it to be 300 mm deep, at least.  Luckily, we had a street valve that worked to some extent, so we could shut off about ninety percent of the flow of the water.  Even so, it required the services of a plumber and are freeze to get the job done quickly.  Waiting for Sydney Water to come out to fix their valve, we would be probably wait 10 days or more.  In the process of fixing this plight we had the plumber install a secondary valve just inside the boundary bar which will have a Wanted in the future would be called new slab of the you can easily turn the water to the property off at the boundary, even if the main metre valve is not functioning correctly all the pipeline is somehow broken between the street and the water meter.

Our next job will be to get rid of the concrete, excavate down about 600 mill and then see if we strike any rock or not.  Then get on to the actual underpinning of the sandstone, wall Common to the adjoining property/ies style.


Bricking up under footings

Underpinning in Annandale last month

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