Yet another Month Long Extension of Free Offer for Wireless Control Device of home security systems by Elite Security Services

(PRWEB) March 17, 2012

The home security systems from nation’s most promising service provider Elite Security Services would continue to offer a free wireless control tool to the buyers for at least for one more month. Elite Security Services has been running this offer since more than three months now. They are a relatively new entrant to the industry, and provide their service throughout the United States and Canada. This keychain device is one of the most popular components of all three packages offered by the company. Their system also offers a number of other highly efficient security equipment. Official sources have mentioned that the rapidly growing demand of the device has resulted in the extension of the offer.

What is Home Land Security and when did they come up with it?

home and land
by m3cfa

Question by Roxas of Organization 13: What is Home Land Security and when did they come up with it?
Does anyone know the main reason what Home Land Security is and what it is supposed to be doing? I haven’t really heard too much about it in the news. Also, how did it come around and who thought about it?

Best answer:

Answer by Che’ Ghandi
Homeland Security is as big a joke as the war on terror and the war on drugs, not to mention the war in Iraq, and the war in Afghanistan.

What do you think? Answer below!

Trademark 82-3731 Driveway Patrol Infrared Wireless Home Security Alarm System

Trademark 82-3731 Driveway Patrol Infrared Wireless Home Security Alarm System

  • Completely wireless infrared alert system
  • Place the sensor anywhere on your property and the receiver anywhere in your house up to 400 feet away
  • Receiver makes a pleasant chiming sound when sensor is crossed
  • Receiver uses 3 C batteries and transmitter uses 1 9V battery (not included)
  • Receiver uses 3 C batteries and transmitter uses 19 volts battery (not included)

Use to monitor the mailbox, garage, driveway or countless other places. Battery operation and 400 foot range means no wiring is necessary. When a vehicle or person passes the sensor, the receiver emits a pleasant chiming sound.

List Price: $ 29.98

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B002LIOVB8″]

[wpramareviews asin=”B002LIOVB8″]

Wireless Home Security Systems from Elite Security Services Now Available in Canada

(PRWEB) January 18, 2012

The Canadian homeowners can now enjoy the benefits of the excellent home security systems offered by Elite Security Services. The company has just entered the Canadian market with its amazing range of domestic security solutions. It may be recalled that they are already a renowned named in American security industry. The affordable wireless systems offered by the company are equipped with all the latest technological innovations. The key man behind the phenomenal success of Elite Security Services is the owner of the company Mr. Paul Shakuri. He is an acclaimed security expert in the United States with hardcore experience in developing top class security systems.

During the launch of the wireless home security systems of the company in Canada, Mr. Shakuri said, It feels great to start our journey in Canada. Our wireless security systems are now available throughout Canada. We look forward to your support in the days to come. The wireless packages from Elite Security Services have received exceptional success in America since its launch just a few months ago. The company is now looking forward to emulate this success in Canada by providing top class security service that they are known for. Wireless systems are the latest trend in the industry because it has much more to offer to the customers comparing to the traditional security packages.

Elite Security Services has a strong technical team led by the charismatic owner of the company, Mr. Paul Shakuri. This highly talented team has been instrumental in designing the highly sophisticated wireless home security systems offered by the company. These security systems are capable of providing uninterrupted security to households because they can function even without home power and land line telephone connection. These highly efficient systems are also easy to use and monitor. The basic package offered by the company is now available in Canada for $ 35.99 per month. The customers can also opt for two more packages with monthly expense of $ 40.99 and $ 44.99.

About the Company: Elite Security Services is one of the leading security service providers in the United States. The company has just started offering their service in the Canadian market. They are also an active affiliate of Protect Your Home.


Paul Shakuri

Phone: 800-599-452.


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Enhancing Residence Security

The security in houses is a very important factor to contemplate because a residence is where a family members spends most of its time together. One ought to think about that safety of his/her family members and it can be extremely important to take several measures that can increase the level of the security in your property so as to keep the family secure from harm. Improving the safety of your property will make you and all the family members to have peace of mind and also save your family from theft and other incidences that could occur due to poor security in your property.

You can find several easy measures that 1 may take to strengthen their home security and one of the measures is improving the lighting outside the property. If you install sufficient security light outside your home, most of the burglars will prevent attempting to break into your house at night simply because you and also you neighbors will see them coming and set a trap. The lighting plays a big component in improving the security of houses and all the folks who wish to boost the security of their homes need to consider installing security lights outside their homes.

One more measure that should be taken to improve home security is installing grills in all of the windows in your house. Grills are a extremely efficient and non-electrical way of enhancing the security of your property. Window grills are installed only once and they do not will need any maintenance measures at all, possibly just regular painting them. A burglar will undoubtedly have a difficult time getting past the steel grills on the windows and the owner of the home will undoubtedly hear the attempts produced by the burglar to gain access to the house and alert the authorities. The window grills could make your house to look old fashioned but will go a long way in keeping you family safe.

You may also install a security alarm which comes with numerous other valuable gadgets like security cameras and monitors. To have 1 of these security alarms installed, one ought to check out a security firm and there the individual will get advised on which device will suit his/her residence. When the security cameras and monitors have been installed, 1 will probably be able to view every thing that is going on outside the house on a screen inside the home. The data recorded by the cameras is stored in a challenging drive and it could be employed as evidence in a court of law.

It’s also advisable to alter all of the old locks on the doors and windows inside your home. One should study about essentially the most secure locks in the market and have a technician install them on all of the doors and windows in your house. All security consultants advise all their clients to have secure rooms in their houses where the entire family can hide in times of extreme danger. A security specialist can construct a secure room for you within your home. Such a room will prove to be very useful in times of danger.

Frequent Forms of Residence Security Devices

Installing an appropriate device at your home is the best choice you are able to maybe make in relation to your home security. This is due to the fact we are living in a world where thuggery has become each day to day occurrence and nobody is positive of when a thief will strike next. Consequently, take care of the security at your house by purchasing and installing the most effective device and they’re of many varieties from where you can decide on one that suits your security needs satisfaction.

The first 1 is wireless alert program that is the most typical 1 in the security device business. A sensor is normally installed within your house such that the device goes on automatically when the sensor is tampered with. It might be accompanied by a warning signal that is in the form of a siren or flash light and is connected well such that security agents are given notifications as soon as there’s a danger at your home. Then there’s the peephole device that’s not sophisticated to install and could be quite powerful. It can be developed in such a way that it’ll determine whether or not you are going to permit somebody access to your home or not depending on how it senses him. If he is armed then it’ll not enable you to open the door but if he does not have any hazardous weapon to put your security under threat then it will give you the green light to open the door.

Outdoor motion sensor is yet another home security device which is quick to sense where some strange movements have been detected around the property compound. It straightaway switches on the lights to shine on the region where these strange movements have been detected. These lights are movable thus they’ll be quickly to respond to any form of dangers at your residence.

 You can find also the window locks which are generally attached to the windows. They’ve a locking system that enables them to completely lock a window in place when there’s a danger and only the key can open it. The same case applies with door locks which come with dead bolts which will withstand any force exerted on a door to forcefully open it. It can also permit you to open the door partly so as to obtain a clear view of who’s on the other end although that will require the device to have a chain lock.

Furthermore, closed circuit video system has a camera on full surveillance of your property and is normally connected to a monitor in your home from where you can see what exactly is happening outside. They also have sensors to transmit an image of the person outside directly to the receiver for you to have a clear view and know regardless of whether to open for him or not. It is possible to take your property security to a higher level by protecting your vehicle from theft by utilizing the wheel clamp device. It can be attached to the wheels which make sure your vehicle does not move without your consent.

Suggestions For Your Property Security

You will find extremely numerous basic precautionary measures that you’ll be able to put in place at your residence and be assured of keeping all of the thieves and burglars away too as enhance on your house security. Employ guards to watch over your residence once you are out working or asleep. They should be honest and courageous people capable of handling any security concern that may possibly arise at your property in a expert way. Most of them are notorious for sleeping on their jobs specially at night so think about putting them to test by faking a security scare but be cautious so that they don’t attack you thinking it’s a actual thief.

Make sure every single time you’re going away from your house you lock all of the doors, windows, gates and any other opening that a thief might use to gain entry. This can be a must whether going for a long or short period to make certain there is safety at your residence. It really is advisable that you install an alarm system at your property but make sure to hide all its wiring since once a thief notices some wires he can simply cut them and disconnect the entire program. In case it is faulty, take fast steps to repair it since when it goes on typically several of your neighbors will ignore it and assume it really is as a result of the normal fault even when it is a significant case.

Keeping your home occupied always is really a very nice home security measure to think about. Make certain lights, radio and Television are switched on when there’s nobody within the home to alert a thief that somebody is around. For those who have misplaced your keys or handed them to a suspected individual alter the lock instantly because he may have produced an identical key which is really hazardous to your home as he can gain access any time. Once you hire professional cleaners to wash your home, by no means entrust them with the keys unless you are entirely positive they’re honest people to deal with.

Likewise, keep your spare keys safely and by no means leave them within the open for every person to see. You are able to also install security lights to every single door and window of your home also as the main gate and ensure they are switched on throughout the night. Don’t enable big trees to grow near your home as they can shield a thief from your view. In case you will find, keep on cutting them to tiny size and never leave them to overgrow. Thieves mostly camouflage themselves as marketers to gain access to your property as a result demand for any expert credentials as well as identification for such an individual who comes to sell some thing at your house prior to permitting him access.

Having dogs at your house is very essential to keep the burglars and thieves away. Even if it’s tiny or can’t bite, making noise to alert you there is a stranger around is sufficient for your house security purposes. Whenever you see strange and suspicious folks roaming around your area severally inform neighbors to ensure that you can deal with the problem collectively.

Making The Perfect Choice Of Surveillance Video Camera

If you should control a company like a store or maybe a storage place, or in case you are principally worried about shielding your household and your family, then the surveillance video camera may be a wise and affective alternative for protection from and the prevention of law-breaking. <br><br> There are far more alternatives than many individuals comprehend, and each contains diverse prices.  <br><br>Needless to say, only you will be able to consider the realistic compromise concerning outlay of money and safety, but this informative article ought to keep you informed to what your possible choices tend to be.

•    Phony surveillance video cameras – One of the main ways a surveillance video camera performs is without a doubt by means of deterrence. Any lawbreaker recognizes your camera and so can be put off from enacting the crime on account of realizing that she or he would probably end up being spotted and arrested. Most of these are perfect for very small enterprises or perhaps people on a tight budget. They may scare off criminals with their visual position. Nevertheless, should something actually occur you will possess absolutely no evidence.

•    Concealed surveillance video cameras – A majority of these video cameras perform the entire reverse to your bogus surveillance video cameras. Examples of these are video cameras that look anything but a video camera. These are just regular things you observe every single day. It may be a wall clock, any pen, a teddy bear, or perhaps a potted flower. Nobody can realize it as being a surveillance video camera. Perfect for secret surveillance, but numerous cameras are usually required to deal with a large location.

•    Wired surveillance video cameras – A wired surveillance video camera is designed for fixed positions which you wish to keep tabs on like your workplace or your store.

•    Wireless surveillance video cameras – The creation of wireless offered amazing freedom. It is easy to install and there are no confusing or recognizable wire connections. Wireless cameras are so unobtrusive that you will not know it is presently put in.

•    Home surveillance video cameras – If you’re getting a system for your family home, verify if it has bonus functions such as electronic timers for your lights or even movement sensors together with the wireless camera. It will be helpful in safeguarding the safety of the home as well as ultimately, of your friends and family.

•    Night Vison surveillance video cameras – In order to monitor the spot exactly where it can be low-lighted, the night time vision camera is the selection. This sort of video camera records data in grayscale to recieve the sharpest picture feasible.

Burglar Alarms: Effectively Keep an Eye on Your Property

Today, even the most secure communities are unsafe from intruders. Anytime there’s an occasion for them to get into a home undetected, they take it. They do this to rob from you so as to obtain some money. Having said that, there are occasions that some people suffer more than having their things thieved. There are times that break-ins also triggered other serious offences, including murder or perhaps rape.

It really is quiveringly frightening when you imagine a burglar trying to break in into your house. To avoid this type of event, a burglar system is extremely necessary.

One of the most effective ways that you can do in order to secure you, your family as well as your house from theft and additional crimes is by setting up a burglar alarm system. These systems can effectively thwart any criminals who have a dark motive to enter your home and thieve from you or commit other more major crimes.

Burglar alarm systems are not that equivalent with each other. In relation to installation, it is your prerogative if you wish to buy the type where you will be the one to install it or the device that requires a specialist to provide the installment in your house. There are alarm systems which will initialize if an individual opens a window and the device hasn’t been disabled. There are also motion sensors which will release an alarming sound the moment it picks up something moving within a particular location inside your home.

You can even find alarms which will instantly call the appropriate authorities when it is actually activated.

There are also security systems that are compounded with an audio recorder or even a video camera. With these features, you can still monitor your house while you are out for work or having other goal. Having these extra gadgets are not only for burglars, if you have a babysitter taking care of your own child in your own home, you could start using these devices covertly to assess if the sitter is doing her job effectively.

On the other hand, don’t hurry when you’re getting burglar alarm systems. Experts recommend to speak with a security company first and evaluate if the company has acquired adequate standing and good credibility. When you have confirmed that a certain company is trustworthy, that’s the time for you to purchase a device from them.

It’s also advisable to be insightful that alarm systems that have superior gizmos will often have costly rates. Knowing this fact, you must have enough budget and never neglect to check the price before you purchase to ascertain if you can afford it.

Even though an alarm system might be highly-priced, be assured that it is worth the risk of investing a great deal of money if it can function to promote higher level of safety and security to your residence and household. It will always be wiser to go for expensive devices rather than investing in a cheap type but will disappoint you in cases when you need it.

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About Security Program

 All over the world, folks have taken up the task of protecting themselves, houses, their offices, business premises and institutions amongst other facilities making use of the modern security system. These are systems that are utilised to put in protection in locations like the houses, offices, institutions, enterprise entities among other locations that need protection in 1 way or the other. These security systems contain alarms, surveillance camera equipments, personal and portable protection devices among other kinds of gadgets.

Everyone is concerned with the protection of his possession and neither any body would want to be robbed of the property that he or she has struggled to earn for whatever time period. Hence the concept of having a secure program makes a lot of sense to human beings. The truth that crime rates have also gone up because of lack of unemployment among other problems has also pushed further the will need for security systems.

 It really is for these factors that everybody can get a number of security gadgets that are suitable for the place to be secured. You’ll be able to even consult several experts inside the security field who can aid supply guidance on the security systems.
Technology has also led to the idea of security program having its way throughout the houses to the offices and also other premises.

Having your home or any other premise installed with an alarm program won’t only give you higher peace of mind but will also preclude you and your premises from intruders of any type. People who may possibly be living alone in locations that don’t have a good deal of people will highly benefit from this and have a peace of mind.

Alarm security systems differ in price tags from a cheap fundamental gadget to a highly high-priced 1, and this enables you to buy based on your economic power. This kind of program notifies you in case of any intrusion via any loud interior warning siren which further gives alarm to the security agencies.
Lock smiths will have your property and company secured so that you’ll be able to be comfortable within your neighborhood. Some people who use this program might prefer an automatic control whilst for others the may possibly use voice recognition, central application or the modern day intercom.

So that you can achieve very good security make sure that you do a thorough research by contacting individuals who are concerned with selling the gadgets to make use that toy have distinct source to option from. Make a decision on the kind of system that is more convincing for you by check regardless of whether it might be by way of installation or the central monitoring program.

Compare elements like the cost, features, and warranty by consulting other people who have had the opportunity of employing them. At times some survey might be carried out to assess the security require in your premise. It can be following this that you might be bound to create a budget to buy of the program .You could also inquire a lot more from buddies and family on their opinion about the very best security to buy.
Right after this you’re guaranteed to have the most beneficial security system for you house and premises.