Fresno-Area Sun, Real Goods Solar Powers Snowflake Designs

Clovis, CA (PRWEB) June 12, 2012

Twenty-five years ago when La Donna Snow was hand sewing gymnastics leotards from a small operation based out of her home, she installed a solar-powered hot-water heater on her rooftop. Today, La Donnas leotard manufacturing has been taken to new heights. Her energy-saving measures have, too.

Powered by the Fresno-area sun, La Donna Snows multi-million dollar operation, Snowflake Designs, is a wildly popular gymnastics leotard manufacturer based out of a 9,000-square-foot facility in Clovis, California. Solar panels by Real Goods Solar sit atop her facilities rooftops, helping her save at least $ 1,000 a month on her electric bill.

With the 2012 Summer Olympics quickly approaching, the energy savings are a big deal to Snowflake Designs. Business picks up around the summer Olympics as interest in the sport of gymnastics peaks around the summer games. That peak in interest equates to more girls and boys signing up for gymnastics, which means more leotards need to be produced for those eager gymnasts to wear.

The financial savings and environmental savings realized through solar go hand-in-hand for Snowflake Designs. The areas poor air quality is a major incentive behind La Donnas hybrid car and the business’s solar system. Shes doing her part to clean the air. She sees the savings in money as a bonus.

This area gets a lot of sun year round, but particularly during the summer months, said La Donna. It works out really well for us right now because our production is way up. Our solar panels are working overtime along with us. The savings in my energy bills are dramatic, but Im also very interested in making a difference environmentally.

As one of the largest and most popular leotard makers in the United States with kids in 150 gyms sporting her leotards, La Donna isnt shy about sharing the secret to her success.

I surround myself with wonderfully talented people, La Donna said, counting the Real Goods Solar team amongst her friends. Her home now boasts a Real Goods Solar system as well.

Having its product recently showcased in a Vogue photo shoot, the extremely talented Snowflake Designs team has been working hard to release its newest catalog.

The timing of the catalog release is impeccable.

On June 29th La Donna will be in San Jose, attending what is perhaps the mother of all gymnastics events in the United States. Anyone who is anyone in the American gymnastics field will be at the annual USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show, which will be held in conjunction with the 2012 U.S. Gymnastic Olympic Team Trials.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to really showcase our leotards and generate new business, La Donna said of her impending trip to San Jose, California. Its the ultimate meet and greet for Snowflake Designs.

And as La Donna shakes hands and rubs elbows with the whos who of gymnastics, her Real Goods Solar systems will be holding down the fort back home, generating the power that ultimately will dress the Olympians of tomorrow.


Real Goods Solar is a leading solar energy integrator, having installed more than 12,000 electric systems for both residential and commercial properties. Real Goods Solar offers turnkey solar energy solutions, and has 34 years of experience in solar energy, beginning with its sale of the first solar photovoltaic panels in the United States in 1978. With offices nationwide, Real Goods Solar is one of the largest residential solar installers in the Central Valley and the United States. For more information, visit

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Cautiously-Optimistic Commercial Real Estate Forecast by Kevin M. Levine, Peak Commercial EVP

(PRWEB) April 26, 2012

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), improving fundamentals means a more positive trend in commercial real estate markets is expected for 2012. Kevin M. Levine, EVP of commercial real estate brokerage firm, Peak Commercial (, representing buyers and sellers in retail, multi-family, single-tenant net-lease properties, office building, industrial, land and REO commercial transactions, is cautiously optimistic about where the commercial real estate market may be headed this year. Per Levine, I think were still a couple of years away from any significant upswing in commercial real estate markets but with interest rates continuing to stay low, and the continuing volatility in the equity markets, there are only so many places to invest. Savvy investors are viewing commercial assets, especially multi-family properties, as a sector worth noting.

USCs recently-released Lusk Center Multi-family Forecast shows that rents rose last year in almost all of the regions sub-markets and they are expected to continue to rise over the next two years. NARs latest Commercial Real Estate Outlook projects that multi-family housing is likely to see vacancy rates drop below 5% in 2013. Levine explained, When vacancy rates drop below the 5% level, its generally considered a landlords market where supply and demand kicks in more demand; low supply; higher rents. Multi-family property investors could definitely be the winners in this scenario.

Levine concluded, We dont want to forget the office and industrial sector which is showing signs of activity. As the economy is getting better and small business owners are feeling their collective oats, were seeing the rumblings for cautious expansion here as well. We, at Peak Commercial, are anticipating an uptick of brisk activity in the buying and selling of commercial real estate assets, and now we think its coming sooner as opposed to later.

Peak Commercial is one of the entities in the Peak Corporate Network, headquartered in Woodland Hills, California. In addition to commercial real estate brokerage services, the Peak Corporate Network provides loss mitigation and workout services, residential real estate brokerage services, escrow services, 1031 exchange services, real estate financing, short sale services, foreclosure services and loan servicing. For more information, visit

The Peak Corporate Network is a brand that represents a group of related separate legal entities, each providing its unique set of real estate services.

Ketan Chhatpar – Realtization – Realize the Realty | Real Estate Investment & Marketing Blog – Podcast

Ketan Chhatpar – Realtization – Realize the Realty | Real Estate Investment & Marketing Blog – Podcast
from Realtization – Realize the Realty | Real Estate Investment & Marketing Blog – Podcast
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Philadelphia Real Estate Specialist Robbie Mahallati Says Current Philadelphia Housing Market Provides Significant Opportunities for Buyers

(PRWEB) April 05, 2012

Where is the current Philadelphia real estate market going? To many real estate agents in Philadelphia, that question misses the point.

Spending a lot of time trying to peer into the crystal ball is a mistake for most homebuyers and sellers, says Robbie Mahallati, a licensed Philadelphia real estate specialist. Its more important to take stock of where you are in your life and whats going to make you happy. And that means owning instead of renting.”

For many of Mahallatis clients, owning a home has always been a dream. Many of his clients are first time homebuyers and many have made the understandable mistake of not believing they could own a home due to various factors including credit and their previous bad financial habits.

One of the benefits of the current state of the Philadelphia real estate market is that house prices are depressed and this means that getting into a home is more feasible and affordable.

And lenders are lending, adds Mahallati. This fact surprises many of my clients. Clients are discovering an abundance of excellent properties to choose from in desirable neighborhoods.

Many of Mahallatis clients have been renting for a significant amount of time and the emotional boost of owning a property instead of renting is one thats extremely exciting for Mahallati and the freshly minted homeowners. Mahallati regularly tells people who are sitting on the fence about home ownership that now is one of best times to get off the fence and own a home — in part because owning makes more sense than renting.

Interest rates are low, he says. House prices are low. The potential for increase in value is there. In the current state of the Philadelphia real estate market, its a great time to get into a home.

For first time home buyers Philadelphia is proving to be one of the nations most exciting markets.

About Robbie Mahallati

Robbie Mahallati is a real estate agent in Philadelphia. He specializes in the Philadelphia real estate and has helped a wide range of clients buy a home or sell a home. Services include: credit repair Philadelphia; First time home buyers Philadelphia; homes for sale Philadelphia; houses for sale Philadelphia; Newly Renovated Homes Philadelphia; Short Sales Philadelphia, Selling houses fast for cash Philadelphia.

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Asbestos Threat is Real Even After Decades of Being Banned – Bulk Asbestos Analysis Revealed (PLM)

Arleta, CA (PRWEB) January 30, 2012

Due to the general prohibition the usage of asbestos was ceased in 1989, however the previously processed asbestos still can be found in many places. Therefore, exposure to asbestos can still occur at any time.

A recent test, conducted by Western Analytical Laboratory, Inc. (12734 Branford Street, Unit #19 Arleta, CA 91331), accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology # 200037, on three samples coming from a house in San Diego County built in 1976, shows Chrysotile (white asbestos) contents.

In two out of three samples, white asbestos was present.

Asbestos is a collective term naming six minerals, which are exceptionally heat resistant and have been used in the building industry. Inhaled asbestos fibers can cause serious damage to health – including asbestosis, lung cancer and malignant pleural tumors otherwise known as mesothelioma.

The safe level of asbestos exposure is not known. However, it is a fact that the degree of exposure to asbestos is in direct proportion with the risk of developing diseases

People who know or even suspect that they have been exposed to asbestos should immediately consult mesothelioma doctors.

For those who live or work in buildings constructed before the asbestos was banned it is advisable to consult professionals and test the building for asbestos. In order to protect yourself and your family from asbestos exposure it is strongly recommended to test your house for asbestos before any renovation. Testing 3 samples will cost around 50 $ , health costs a lot more.

Fully accredited Western Analytical Laboratory is providing asbestos testing services to customers nationwide at affordable price. The lab accepts samples via mail and customers receive the results in 24 hours. To learn how to collect safely samples for asbestos testing, please visit