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BRADBERRY: Mom's kitchen, world headquarters
Notwithstanding her tiny frame and gigantic heart which she proudly wore on her flowered sleeves, she ran our world with an iron will and matching fists which she would not hesitate to use if necessary from her headquarters … the kitchen!
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NAHB Survey Reveals Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Jobs are Top Careers to
Remodelers report that kitchen and bathroom projects remain the most popular remodeling jobs with home owners increasingly upgrading both rooms and making major repairs as they decide to stay in their current homes longer.
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Kitchens takes 2nd in 110-meter hurdles
By DONNA MATUSZAK Spencer Kitchens captured 2nd place in the 110-meter hurdles and third in the 300-meter hurdles at the 3A AHSAA Track and Field meet in Selma over the weekend. Kitchens completed the 110-meter hurdles with a time of 16.05, …
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Latest Excavation News

Excavation turns up nothing in missing toddler case
With Caleigh's uncle and grandfather watching through the fog, the search crew of more than a dozen officers used two backhoes to excavate the area, State Police spokesman David Procopio said. 'She did . . . mention a man on the beach that took her …
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Ministry deal on ship excavation under fire
The ministry of defence is facing a legal battle and parliamentary questions after letting a US company excavate a British 18th-century warship laden with a potentially lucrative cargo. Lord Renfrew is among leading archaeologists condemning a deal …
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Latest Cheap Building Supplies News

Will Utility Consumers Really Agree To Pay Higher Rates To Shut Coal Plants?
Naturally a lot of these retirements come from plants that needed to be retired, so a big part of the issue is the inability to build new, more efficient coal fired plants. Remember, coal has traditionally been the cheapest fuel source while natural …
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Used fan customized at home
Just prior to Earth Day, I drove over to ReStore in Indianapolis, Habitat for Humanity's retail outlet for gently used building supplies, furniture, tools, lighting and just about anything house related. The store had five ceiling fans, …

Cheap natural gas feeds chemical industry boom
Other chemical companies also are betting on bountiful supplies of natural gas. Chevron Phillips said this month it will build a $ 1 billion chemical plant at its Baytown facility, largely because of cheap natural gas liquids. Shell is evaluating plans …
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Latest Design New Home News

NXP and ON Semiconductor to Offer New KNX Evaluation Board for Power Efficient
"The stability and flexibility of KNX make it a tremendously popular choice for intelligent wired home and building automation networks. This evaluation board will help developers create cost-efficient KNX designs very quickly, while taking advantage …
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Home in a home as families live together longer
Standard Pacific Homes of Irvine is offering a self-contained "casita" attached to the main house as an option on its new designs. Both companies say the plans have been popular since they were rolled out last year. But it isn't clear what share of …

Latest Decks News

Anchoring your deck the right way
By Steve Maxwell, Ottawa Citizen April 14, 2012 Success is rarely as simple as it looks and fastening a deck to your house is one of those deceptive situations. Encouraging rot and deterioration of your house wall is a distinct reality if you don't …
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American Queen's maiden voyage marks start of business relationship with Memphis
Danny Burtanot of Mobile, Ala., installs new carpet in the lobby of the main deck on the American Queen while the boat is docked in New Orleans getting the final touches in place for its voyage up the Mississippi River to Memphis.
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Latest Design New Home News

New virtual pin board creates instant home design inspiration
it's a rec room and I wanted it to look inspiring to people who came to see our house.” Faced with a potential bookshelf boondoggle, what did she do? She didn't consult any magazines or scrapbooks for inspiration. She didn't ask designer friends for …
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Bring 'Mad Men' home
Babette Holland's new capsule-shaped Gemini and Apollo lamp designs reference the '60s space missions. She's done some of the bases in solid hues, others in her signature stripes, but the palette is true to the era — cranberry, gold, olive, …
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Latest Demolition News

My Home Demolition Saga: Considering the wrecking ball
By Mary McCutcheon This is my home. I plan to tear it down and build something that I can live in for the rest of my life. (Mary McCutcheon) My name is Mary. I'm an aging person with an aging house. I'm going to tell the story of transforming my house …
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Demolition of 'Rooftop Pastor' motel begins
It took a three-month stand on the roof, dozens of volunteers and thousands of dollars to get to this point. Now a vacant former motel will soon be a memory. As this old building comes down, it is building new hope for the Woodlawn neighborhood.
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Latest Basix News

Banks agree to recast BASIX's Rs 700-cr MFI loans
Banks have finally agreed to restructure micro-lender Bhartiya Samruddhi Finance (BSFL)'s debts of about Rs 700 crore on the condition that the Vijay Mahajan-led BASIX Group would offer corporate guarantees against these. BSFL's loan recast proposal …
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BASIX goes for debt rejig
Bhartiya Samruddhi Finance (BSFL), the microfinance arm of BASIX Group, has requested banks to convert Rs 400 crore loans into tier-I equity capital that will allow the firm meet the new provisioning and capital adequacy norms for micro-lenders.
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Nutritional Products International (NPI), one of the world's leading nutraceutical companies, is pleased to announce that the Body Basix line is now available to consumers on Nutritional Products International (NPI), …
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