Summer Outdoor Lighting – Top Ideas for Curb Appeal and Energy Savings

Chatsworth, CA (PRWEB) April 30, 2012

Now that summer is fast approaching most of us tend to push thoughts of outdoor lighting to the back of our minds. After all, who needs much lighting when the days are long and the beautiful sunlight is plentiful? Most people would agree with the writer Henry James when he said, Summer afternoon — summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language, and leave it at that. But not so fast, says Lamps Plus blogger and designer Marcia Prentice. There are actually a lot of summer outdoor lighting ideas that you can use to not only add style to your home, but also safety and energy savings.

Start with Porch Lights

The longer days mean that family and guests will be out and about later into the evening. Because of this, porch lights are essential for welcoming guests in style and giving them adequate light to safely navigate walkways and steps. Porch lights also add a touch of elegance and curb appeal to just about any home, notes Marcia. Just remember to size the light correctly for the size of your home. Most people buy fixtures that are too small for their porch space. I like to cut out a piece of paper thats the size of the fixture, tape it into location and then stand at the curb or in the walkway to see how it will look. The same approach can be used to size backyard patio lights.

Dark Sky Lighting

One option for outdoor lighting around your home is what is called Dark Sky outdoor lights. These types of lights aim light at the ground, not the sky, reducing light pollution. Many local communities have Dark Sky lighting regulations, which may specifically call for this type of lighting. Even if you dont need to install this type, it is still a great option for homeowners, says Marcia. With more light on the ground, they can actually improve visibility in walkways by reducing light glare and flares. This means you can reduce the wattage of the bulbs you use, saving energy over the long term.

Security Lights

Security is always an issue with outdoor lighting, notes Marcia. Aside from style, youll also want to make sure that your plan offers safety and security for your summer evenings outdoors. I love using dusk to dawn lights for seating areas, porches and garden pathways. This type of lighting uses a built-in photocell to automatically turn the light on at dusk and then off again at dawn. You dont have to be home for the outdoor lighting to turn on and you dont have to remember to turn lights off after a party or family gathering, explains Marcia. The built-in dusk to dawn feature takes care of everything for you, which is a great security feature as well as something that will save you energy and money.

Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting

For those wanting to really save on their energy bills, energy efficient outdoor lights are the way to go. Today there are more energy efficient outdoor lighting designs on the market than ever before, says Marcia. Many of these use new LED technology or other design features to make them as energy-miser as possible, and they come in all styles for your home, from traditional to really ultra-modern looks. Energy Star rated outdoor lights are a popular option, though designs without the rating can be just as energy efficient. Energy Star is a government program tests fixtures based on guidelines set by the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy. Look for the tags on products to see if they are Energy Star, says Marcia, She also advises that consumers look at the wattage of the bulbs used by the fixture and, also very important, the lumens, or light level output, the bulbs produce. This will really help you determine how much light a design will produce and at what cost. Outdoor lights are on a lot, so its important to know what your energy costs will be before you buy.

Add the Party Lights

Whats a summer season without a BBQ or pool party? String lights, often called party lights, are an inexpensive way to add a fun look to your summer entertaining. Many times you can string together multiple strands of lights, so you can use them to cover large decks or garden areas. They are found in a wide range of themes, from paper lanterns to flowers, with a number of child-themed options as well. I love that you can just string them up for a party to transform the look of your space, plug them in, and then quickly take them down the next day after the party is over, says Marcia. And you dont even have to hang them up. You can just bunch them together and put them in tall glass jars or wrap them around tree trunks to create really interesting effects.

For more summer tips and trends, visit the Style Illuminated Interior Design blog by Lamps Plus.

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Where can I get lighting design help for a new home project.?

Question by joethecaptain: Where can I get lighting design help for a new home project.?
Also good a good place to find discount lighting suppliers.

Best answer:

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your local lumber yard will have books for the do-it-yourself-er to plan and install lighting inside and out they also carry computer programs for decorating and building which should cover most of your questions. as for discount pricing you just have to search and research local places, sometimes you find wholesale outlets to be good but beware their not just a wholesale for that company, sometimes their prices aren’t really cheaper

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A discount for sure !

Add your own answer in the comments!

Lighting Effects on Employee Productivity

Illumination has a substantial relation to staff output. Any commercial electrician may actually help the firms develop personnel’s’ emotional and physical circumstances through modifying the lighting and brightness of a room. Additionally, diverse illumination aids enhance the safety track record of your company, while improving overall rate. That means an increase in productivity.


A commercial electrician can make adjustments to the lighting designed to possess many physical results. 1st, it’s going to have a optimistic influence on the eyes. Staff will experience from much less eyestrain, resulting in less problems. Improved illumination will likely lessen tiredness and enhance overall health. The proper type of lights can even boost hand-eye coordination. Many studies have actually advised that you’ve a physiological effect on things like heart rate and levels of insulin.


Variations in the lights system designed by an electrician may also offer an emotional influence. Studies have shown there’s an overall development of morale. There is greater job satisfaction along with a decrease in turnover. This is due to employees that like the layout of the lights often report being happier plus more pleased compared to those who do not. Research has also shown that an increase in lighting fixtures can reduce pressure as well as signs of depression.


However, it isn’t enough to merely increase the volume of lighting in a area. Quality must also be taken into consideration. Productivity actually begins to lessen in the event the light gets too strong. This is because of an rise in glare, that will lower personnel satisfaction. Because of this, an excellent commercial electrician can teach a business on how to reach the appropriate sense of balance. The electrician will even show them which forms of lights to implement to do this.


The type of lighting used has a huge influence on safety. Accidents usually are lessened mainly because workers can see far better using enhanced lights. This is specifically essential for staff which works together with machines or perhaps harmful supplies. Seeing lets them run the machines without fear of injuries. Less damage mean that personnel are spending more time on the job. More hours at work indicates a more productive work force.


Improved lighting conditions can assist boost efficiency. Better vision will mean fewer blunders. There will be fewer rejects in case you are employed in evaluation careers. Workers can also get greater quickness as well as accuracy. Enhanced mental wellness will help personnel become more satisfied in their work. Superior health circumstances and much less injuries will lead to less absenteeism. Every one of these factors will come together to make a much more comfortable as well as effective workforce.


Trying to find the assistance of a commercial electrician to improve lighting might have wonderful benefits for a company. Having excellent lights may improve the physical and mental wellness of personnel reducing injuries. It will also have the ability to scale back mistakes and increase speed. All of these elements can help improve productivity.

Looking For Gazebo Lighting

Question anybody with regards to garden lighting and everyone will have their own individual ideas and thoughts. The reason for this is because of the fact that there are so many ways that garden lights can be mixed and matched with garden design. So having a garden gazebo complete with gazebo lighting is something that many people want so that they will have somewhere to sit in the evenings.


So what type of illumination or lighting should you make use of for your gazebo. One thing that you are going to have to think about is the electrical power that you are going to need in your gazebo. Unless you are a trained electrician or you have a friend who is, then you should think about hiring someone to look after this for you so that you can be sure that it is all done properly. This whole process could involve ditches being dug out and plastic grey piping added but it will depend on your geographical area. Any electrical outlets must be properly grounded and insulated to ensure that everything is protected.


Christmas lighting works effectively for those who have a covered gazebo and you may suspend the lights on the inside in addition to outside. Small bulb or perhaps larger sized spot light bulbs can also add an abundance of light in order to see just what is happening. Tike lamps strung around in moderate looping arches is definitely an image that many people will have in mind. If you want a beautiful atmosphere with stunning lighting effects then you could go for floor lighting directed at the ceiling of the gazebo. If you use colored lighting you can direct the lights at various angles to create stunning effects which will light up both your gazebo and the rest of your garden.


An excellent location to get ideas from tend to be home and garden publications. You will be able to see some of the amazing things that can be done to a garden in terms of lighting from the photos in these magazines. These magazines use some of the best designers around and you can get great ideas from them.


Now, if you are searching for places to obtain more gazebo lighting suggestions and acquire them at the very best price ranges then ensure you take a trip to the local home improvement store and look at the many lighting bars and individual light fittings they have perhaps got on display, as well as in stock to ensure whatever you find on the internet will be worthwhile. There are plenty of options, you’ll have fantastic experience just selecting those that will fit best as part of your gazebo.


Gazebo lighting is a must for any great gazebo enthusiast. They come in all shapes and sizes as well as in gazebo light set kit. Gazebo lights for a better gazebo.

Induction Lighting – New, Safe and Long Lasting!

Individuals utilize neon lighting unit as well as other varieties of lighting effects that uses neon for you to lighting his or her properties, workplaces, and also generally everywhere else. However did you know that there is an creation named induction lighting that is means much better than fluorescents? Induction lighting is very different from the actual fluorescents along with incandescent lights within a lot of ways, along with therefore offers greater positive aspects.

Your induction lighting makes use of induction to create gentle, which means that it transfers electricity by means of magnetic industry and also fuel discharge combined. The neon light uses electrodes, as well as caused by which, its lifetime is simply short along with directly about 30,500 time, due to the fact electrodes easily burn out. Whereas throughout induction lighting, since there are absolutely no electrodes, the idea usually lasts up to a hundred, thousand hours, or perhaps around 12 many years. The particular extended lifetime regarding induction lighting unit are set to the actual no usage of electrodes, and the magnetic discipline induction that may simply pass through bulbs. The straightforward passage of permanent magnetic field doesn’t need throughput cables also is one of several disadvantages associated with fluorescents of incandescent equipment and lighting aside from the electrodes. Someone making use of induction lighting does not have for you to often change the lamp or perhaps lamp; in short, it can be less costly when compared with by using a normal fluorescent light bulb. However, the benefits of induction lighting do not conclusion there. It is usually cost effective. It may look like this employs lots of energy since it has an output of about 75 in order to 400W, nonetheless it only uses 85  lumens per w (that’s not a good deal in any way). Additionally, in contrast to incandescent along with eliminate lights, lights using induction vitality do not sparkle and also creates simply no noise. Their shade rendering is actually eighty-five CRI.

Induction lighting features three major parts: light lamp as well as eliminate boat, electrical power coupler, plus the HF power generator. The particular light light bulb contains a reduced pressure insert fuel and also just a little level of mercury. Coloring conditions likewise depend on the kind of bulb. The electricity coupler operates switching vitality in the HF power generator to the lamp fixture bulb. The ability coupler comes with a antenna equip the actual shifting regarding power. The HF generator energizes your aerial associated with the energy coupler by making only two.65 Megahertz recent. These kinds of three or more main factors might be changed independently in case it needs to become repaired, so gentle products that use induction lighting usually are not entirely disposable.

Currently, there are now a lot of types of induction lighting that are sold on the market. It is now even used in common places that need durable and long lifespan lights such as induction street lighting. If you want maintenance free lighting as well as more budget friendly lightings, induction lighting is perfect for you.