land record 004

A few nice land and home images I found:

land record 004
land and home
Image by Jon Haynes Photography
government reconstructing and refinancing the idea of home with something called the Mort Gage.

Martinez Home
land and home
Image by jimbowen0306
The Martinez home was on land later owned by John Muir, the father of the American Park Service.

National Children’s Home Harpenden
land and home
Image by theirhistory
Highfield NCH, an early view before the third block for boys, the hospital block and main chapel were built.
Showing the two main blocks for the girls, the main boys block 2 of 3, the school, the admin block, and the laundry.
The trees around the Oval had not yet been planted. The main three trees in the centre are still in their prime.
Now the site of YWAM (Youth With a Mission) – Thanks for keeping our Home nice.

Fort Bend Land and Homes is bucking the US Trends

Article by Linda Landman

Prudential Gary Greene Realtor, previous small business owner. Residing in Richmond, Texas and marketing throughout Fort Bend County.

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Nice Home And Land photos

A few nice home and land images I found:

Homing Pigeon Up Close 105mm!
home and land
Image by johnroberts2
This homing/racing pigeon landed in our back garden for several hours today, leisurely walking about the place, completely unfazed by dogs, people and the general hustle and bustle. I was able to lie only a few inches from it and take these photos with my 24-105mm L Lens.
Who says you need a super telephoto lens for wildlife photography!

Homes Lots Land
home and land
Image by Jeremy Brooks

Nice House And Land photos

Some cool house and land images:

Rock House Fire Land Sat Image
house and land
Image by FuelModel3
Land Sat 5 thematic mapper fasle color image of the burn scar from the 314,000 acre Rock House fire and the smaller 41,000 acre Roper fire. The Rock House fire was the largest wildfire in contemporary Texas history.

Image is from the NASA Earth Observatory

Sydney Open House Lands Dept
house and land
Image by emmettanderson
This is the room they used to dry the maps.

house and land
Image by timtak
The land is the slope in the background.

Cool Land And House images

Check out these land and house images:

Aeroplane which landed on a house through engine trouble
land and house
Image by National Library of Scotland
Aeroplane on a roof, Western Front, during World War I. This photograph of an aeroplane which has crash-landed on the roof of a building is a dramatic illustration of the flimsy nature of the early fighter planes. There is remarkably little apparent damage to the roof but the wood and fabric framework of the plane’s tail has folded up around a chimneystack.

Even as late as the spring of 1917, the Royal Flying Corps were losing about 50 planes every week. When possible, as appears to be happening in this case, the wreckage was salvaged and re-used.

[Original reads: ‘An aeroplane which landed on a house through engine trouble.’]

organic ecovillage drawing
land and house
Image by arimoore
a sketch of an idea. how do you start and then build an ecovillage for very little cost to the participants? my idea here was to collectively buy a farmhouse and barn, used temporarily for group housing while everyone builds together one, then another, then a whole group of resident-designed houses. (the ones here are all earth-bermed, passive solar designs. ithaca is COLD.) the houses would be built using timber, earth, stone, and other materials found on the land, with as little as possible going toward materials. windows and hardware would be found using freegan means. the houses would be off-grid.

the house/barn area would then go from group housing to a collective workshop / studio / guest room / office space, online and ongrid so folks can run cottage industries and have the room to do things collectively.

we’re actually interested in doing something along these lines (though collectively designed of course!), preferably with vegans but potentially with omnis, so long as collective funds and lands aren’t used for animal exploitation. here’s our listing in the intentional communities directory, for anyone interested in such things:…

Pierpoint Landing Light House
land and house
Image by Renee Silverman
Dec 2008 Flickr meet @ Long Beach – Pierpoint Landing & the Pike

Lighthouse jetting up @ Pierpoint Landing.