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UPDATE!!!! Here is my Indoor Growing Station, where I grow Fruits Vegetables and Wheat Grass Year Round in the Coldest of winters and the Hottest of summers!! This Setup can be used with Aquaponics, Hydroponics and Soil Growing. I love this set up because I can also house my Vermi-compost bins on the bottom shelf to complete the cycle. Supplies ~ Most can be purchased at Home Depot * Industrial 4-5 Wire Shleve Unit .99 * Emergency Blanket .00 * Duck Tape (Dollar Store) .00 * Electric Timer .00 * CFL 40 WATT Bulb (2600 Lumens) 150 WATT Equivalent X2 .00 * 10.5″ Brooder Clamp Light w Porcelain Socket X2 .00 ___________________________________ .99

How To Build a CFL Grow Light Fixture – CHEAP! This light does a nice job for under including bulbs. I suggest getting more powerful bulbs to really kick your growing up a notch. Here is a link to some nice ones that I plan to buy and install in this fixture: 85watt 6700K bulb: 85watt 2700K bulb: Dual Light Socket Online: Comments welcome, thanks! ALSO…If you’d like to share a photo of what you created with this idea, upload a photo to and send me the link to it. I’ll add it to the sidebar info for others to see! Check out these photo links for a 4 bulb version that You Tube user EatDrinkSmokeBeMerry came up with: ALSO! You Tube user betitalldiebroke sent these links and info to what he did: I removed the the cage from the drop light, cut a hole in the hood, put the light through the hole, added the sockets, screwed in the bulbs and was done. I went with the 105watt CFL bulbs you linked. You Tube user granne2 came up with this version which is very nice: You Tube user SmunchyReviews came up with this long, deluxe, heavy duty version: and shelmarie87 sent me these photos of their build:

How to build a grow room for growing indica northern lights cheap and easy Check out this link now if you want to learn more about growing weed or buy the best weed seeds available anywhere! This is where I go to buy all of my cannabis seeds 🙂 best indoor marijuana growing best place to smoke weed best smoking weed better hash or weed big…

I apologize for the 30 minute time length in advance.. Went to price building materials with my friend CJ that will be needed for constructing our 40′ x 12′ ‘Mega Shed’ we plan on building on my vacant lot.. The stuff ain’t cheap that’s for sure!

How To Grow Herbs And Vegetables In Small Spaces – Kitchen Gardens

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How To Grow Herbs And Vegetables In Small Spaces – Kitchen Gardens
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How To Grow Herbs And Vegetables In Small Spaces – Kitchen Gardens