41 Shed Plans Plus Free Do It Yourself Building Lessons

41 Shed Plans Plus Free Do It Yourself Building Lessons
How To Build Your Own Shed, Cabana, Pool House, Shop, Backyard Studio Or Mini Barn And Save A Bundle On Building Costs. Get 41 Great Shed Designs, Complete Construction Plans And Free Do-it-yourself Building Lessons Today.
41 Shed Plans Plus Free Do It Yourself Building Lessons

Diy Niche. Affluent Boat Building Crowd
Updated Sales Copy. Conversions Tripled. Build Your Own Wooden Dory Boat
Diy Niche. Affluent Boat Building Crowd

Yet another Month Long Extension of Free Offer for Wireless Control Device of home security systems by Elite Security Services

(PRWEB) March 17, 2012

The home security systems from nation’s most promising service provider Elite Security Services would continue to offer a free wireless control tool to the buyers for at least for one more month. Elite Security Services has been running this offer since more than three months now. They are a relatively new entrant to the industry, and provide their service throughout the United States and Canada. This keychain device is one of the most popular components of all three packages offered by the company. Their system also offers a number of other highly efficient security equipment. Official sources have mentioned that the rapidly growing demand of the device has resulted in the extension of the offer.

Q&A: Are there any free online home design tools that work like the Sims games?

Question by rydog101010: Are there any free online home design tools that work like the Sims games?
I played the Sims for years…only to creates houses on it. I’m looking for a free online home design tool. I found some that come close, but aren’t what I’m looking for. I want one that will create a roof for me, let me design the interior, exterior…etc. Not just blue prints and layout software.

Best answer:

Answer by V10 Bruiser
Check out piratebay

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Philadelphia Energy Systems Expert Announces Rebate and Free Installation When Adding Heat Seal Technology to Homes Existing Insulation

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) January 12, 2012

Mid Atlantic Energy Systems (MAES) provides affordable and practical solutions to lower utility costs and add comfort and value to a home or business. The average homeowner can save 25% to 53% on utilities while reducing energy consumption and helping the environment, consumer, and the nations dependence on foreign countries, says co-owner Jim Neidert. Residents can now qualify for an added savings of 20% or more through the MAES Preferred Customer Instant Rebate Program.

A homes number one source of heat loss in the winter (between 50% and 80%) and heat gain in the summer (where 97% of all radiant heat will eventually enter your home) is through your ceiling, Jim explains. Mid Atlantics Heat Seal is a superior industrial grade product designed specifically for attic installations. The product is extremely affordable with a fast return on a homeowners investment and comes with a lifetime transferable guarantee.

With reflective technology on both top and bottom, this Low-E product blocks 97% of radiant heat transfer while adding R-value, Jim adds. Its the best of all worlds, combining the best features of radiant barriers and R-Value standard insulations.

The technology is non-toxic, fire-rated, Energy Star approved, and 100% made in the USA. Several variables of the product are available for house wraps, crawl spaces, and even under flooring. MAES products are used worldwide and can make a radiant floor heating system 50% more efficient.

We offer state-of-the-art products and the latest technology, Jim states. Our technology is 13.8 times better than conventional forms of insulation at blocking radiant heat gain in the summer and over 9 times better than conventional insulation for keeping heat from escaping in the winter. Simply put, we seal heat in during the winter and seal heat out in the summer. This technology was perfected by NASA and was successful in temperatures 460 degrees below zero to 250 degrees above zero. The insulation industrys best kept secret has been used extensively by Fortune 500 companies and leading universities for two decades.

In addition, Mid Atlantic helps their customers obtain future energy saving products and services for free that will save additional money. To find out more, please visit them on the Web at http://www.midatlanticenergysystems.com.

About Mid Atlantic Energy Systems

Mid Atlantic Energy Systems specializes in energy saving products designed for any heated or cooled space. Their core products are Energy Star Rated and can help save up to 50% or more on utility costs. They proudly serve the Lehigh Valley, Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, Reading, Lebanon, Stroudsburg, the Philadelphia area, and adjacent states to eastern Pennsylvania.


58 Garage Plans Plus Free Do It Yourself Building Guides

58 Garage Plans Plus Free Do It Yourself Building Guides
Build Any Of 58 Great Designs For Detached One, Two, Three And Four Car Garages, Carriage Houses, Car Barns, Carports And Workshops, With These Detailed Construction Plan And Free Expert Do-it-yourself Building Lessons.
58 Garage Plans Plus Free Do It Yourself Building Guides

D I Y Wind Generator And Start Saving $ $ $ Today!
Learn A Simple Way To Build Your Own Wind Generator And Start Saving Money On Your Electric Bill This Summer. You Can Build This Unit In Your Garage For Under 0. Our Guide Is Only .95 And Tells You Exactly What You Need, Start To Finish!
D I Y Wind Generator And Start Saving $ $ $ Today!

Accounting Websites Are Now Being Delivered Free of Charge From FreeCustomWebsite.com

Riverside, CA (PRWEB) December 31, 2011

Free websites built from scratch for accountants have been announced by FreeCustomWebsite.com this Friday. This announcement comes at a time when FreeCustomWebsite.com is giving their website an overhaul and as a result, improving the usability and functionality of an already unparallelled service.

Accounting websites have slowly improved over the years. Greg Trimble, CEO of FreeCustomWebsite was quoted as saying, “In the past, CPA and accounting firms were slow to adopt the idea of placing a lot of stock in a website. They relied heavily on word of mouth and local networking. Today, CPA’S have adopted a much more progressive approach to marketing. We hope to meet accountants needs by providing high quality accounting websites with no associated design costs. We believe the best website builder is a living, breathing, creative professional, and not some software package you will pay $ 30 or $ 40 dollars a month to use.” Trimble, who was raised in an accounting firm, knows what accountants need technologically in order to compete with larger firms in a modern age.

FreeCustomWebsite.com will design, build, and optimize a custom website for free and will require only a standard hosting fee of $ 19.95 a month from it’s clients. Accountants however, will find that FreeCustomWebsite has developed a series of productivity enhancing modules that CPA’s and accountants can utilize to make them more efficient on the internet. These modules are also built to improve client/practice communications and reduce company overhead from incessant repeat requests for prior years financial statements and tax returns.

FreeCustomWebsite.com builds custom websites for free for accountants all around the globe. They develop time saving modules that help any CPA stay on the cutting edge of the world of internet marketing.


Olympic Museum to Offer Free Entry to All Visitors

(PRWEB) December 01, 2011

To mark its closure pending a complete renovation and modernisation, The Olympic Museum will be offering free entry to all visitors until the end of January next year.

As of today, tourists and Olympic fans will have the opportunity to visit The Olympic Museum, home to myriad Olympic memorabilia as well as the renowned torches from all editions of the Olympic Games, without the need to pay an admission fee. Free entry is available for a period of eight weeks during which visitors will discover a special exhibition called Best of 1992-2011 – 20 years of Olympism highlighting the greatest moments of the Olympic Games and Olympism. A programme dedicated to children is also planned over this popular end-of-year holiday season.

Opened in 1993 and partially updated in 2001, The Olympic Museum has welcomed more than 3.3 million visitors, making it the most popular museum in French-speaking Switzerland. It will close on 29 January 2012, after the inaugural Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria.

The 20-month closure will allow for the major renovation, modernisation and expansion work which is needed to ensure that the museum remains attractive to visitors from around the world for the next 20 years. An ambitious museographical, architectural and landscaping programme will enable the museum to offer visitors a new experience by incorporating the latest technological innovations. The museum park will also be redeveloped and will allow a more harmonious link to be created with the neighbouring Elys