How much to charge for shoveling driveways?

by Paul-W

Question by scratchgolfer1722: How much to charge for shoveling driveways?
It is supposed to snow 5-10 inches tomorrow in NY and I want to snow-blow / shovel driveways with my friend to make money. How much should I charge per driveway? Thanks

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Answer by Bryan W
Dollar amount times square foot of drive way.

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How much do custom home builders charge?

Question by HelpfulGuy208646: How much do custom home builders charge?
I have some acreage where I want to build a custom home, approx 7 to 10,000 sq ft. If I choose a decent, reputed builder for the job, how much do you think it would cost to build such a home since I already own the land?

Also, does it matter where the house is being built? The land is in an expensive area, so i’m concerned that these builders might charge more due to that fact.

Percs (permits etc) and financing have already been obtained.

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Answer by Wonder
Depends on where you live. In Califiornia it would be $ 200-250 a square foot.

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