8000 tax credit extension for buying a mobile home?

Question by : 8000 tax credit extension for buying a mobile home?
Does this apply to buying a mobile home? The tax credit. This is all i can afford right now?

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Answer by Ryan M
ONLY if you own the land. Otherwise a mobile home is treated the same as buying a motor home. Also, unless that mobile home is OVER $ 80,000, you will not get the full $ 8,000.

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Florida Experts Say: Buying New Construction Homes is the Better Value in 2012, Vero Beach ‘s River Club shows why

Vero Beach, FL (PRWEB) February 17, 2012

With many buyers deciding 2012 is the right time to get back in the real estate market, an often overlooked consideration is whether to buy a new or existing home.

At first glance a short sale or REO (real estate owned) bank home may seem to be where the deals are. But many buyers soon realize that new homes actually provide the better value. We began our search thinking we would find a super deal on a bank owed home. But after 18 months of frustration and waiting and still no deal to show for it, were now seriously considering new homes. They seem to have the better features, dont require the fix up, and most importantly the builder treats you like a human being, said Jeff Flick, a Vero Beach resident who has been looking for a home while the interest rates are low.

Scott Reynolds, a Realtor with Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc. in Vero Beach, says that his buyers have a distinctly different approach these days. The customers I see now are very sophisticated. They want to capitalize on the market but are prepared to pay a fair price to get exactly what they want. Our buyers have owned a few homes before and are taking advantage of the market to create the exact home they have in mind. And theyre willing to pay a little extra to add in the details to suit their lifestyle. He stated that about 60-70 percent of his buyers are retiring within 3 years, or recently retired, who take advantage of the interest rates and pre-buy their retirement home now while they downsize or sell their northern home.

For Florida buyers, and particularly those on the Treasure Coast, one of the biggest advantages of buying a new construction home is compliance with the 2004 hurricane protections codes that require roofs, impact glass windows and doors to be reinforced to withstand hurricane-strength winds. And that is a major consideration for today’s buyers.

This second home segment of the market is currently the most active and accounts for the majority of recent sales at River Wind explained Jim DiMarzo, the broker for Riverwind Real Estate who has more than 25 years of experience in the Vero Beach real estate market. Right now we are critically low in inventory, added DiMarzo. Riverwinds new construction inventory is shrinking and features only three homes for sale. Island Club currently has seven homes in inventory. DiMarzo agrees that new construction homes are the better choice. Foreclosures and short sales can be too complicated and may be listed with out of town brokers who dont have the local relationships. Vero Beach builders have a lot riding on their reputation since a large part of their business comes from realtors and referrals.

According to John Rymer, a Tampa-based housing industry consultant, the next 12 months are likely to offer consumers the best buying opportunities for a new construction home in a decade. Builders have slowed their rate of building and this decreasing supply will eventually cause prices to go up. When the market rebounds, demand likely will outpace supply, further driving prices up, explains Rymer.

Palm Coast Development, a 19-year Vero Beach, Fla. homebuilder and the exclusive builder for River Club Vero Beach, is prepared for the careful optimism in the real estate market. PCD President Bob McNally has launched a new series of floorplans that reflect todays lifestyle in a more efficient footprint and price bracket. His newest model, the 3-bedroom, 2-bath St. Vincent starts at $ 635,000 and will open later this month.

Palm Coast Development custom designs every house, and includes architectural plans in the purchase price of the home. The customers we see today are tired of having to replace bathrooms, pools, roofs, driveways and redoing parts of the house. They want something thats new. And they love the fact that we add a 10-year warranty to our homes, explained McNally. McNallys wife Jackie, an interior designer, operates Palm Coast Developments design center saving buyers time and money.

Ironshore LLC, River Clubs owner that purchased the property last year, passed their lower land cost savings along to the buyers. We have no legacy issues so we were therefore able to completely re-engineer the communitys financial structure for the post-bubble economy, added Jack Rodgers, executive with Ironshore Capital LLC. With the developer and builder working to offer a great value, new construction buyers have started to take notice. To date more than 50 percent of River Clubs planned 179 residences have been sold.

River Club is a private 120-acre residential community on A1A and the last new home community on the Vero Beach island. Amenities include tennis, swimming, relaxing on the beautifully landscaped pool terrace or exercising in the well-equipped fitness room at the Swim and Fitness Center. In the heart of the community is The River Club, a gathering place overlooking the unspoiled riverfront where residents can socialize and entertain friends. Four private guest suites are available for overnight guests of residents. Prices for new homes in River Club start from the low $ 600,000s. A new model home will be open in February. For more information visit: http://www.riverclubvb.com or call 772-231-3818.


Jack Rodgers 954.448.1771 direct


Palm Coast Development President Bob McNally

Ph: 772-794-9105 Tcbvero1(at)aol(dot)com


I am buying a house and builder has used the wrong brick. What should I do?

Question by smitino: I am buying a house and builder has used the wrong brick. What should I do?
I am about to complete in a few weeks a new build house and after visiting today I noticed that the builder has used the wrong type brick and not only that they have the brick does not look right and the colours are not evenly distributed. The builder explained the brick they supposed to use was discontinued so they choose an alternative without considering us. What is the best route to take this?

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Answer by biller29
If the type of brick was specified on paper and it is something that really matters to you, then you should push back. If there is a contract with the builder you can also check the language and see if the builder needs to consult you on any substitutions. If it does then you have a legal right. It just depends on how far you want to push it. Obviously, if you make them change it there will be delays. They should have consulted with you on it, but it also seems like you should have noticed before now that they used the wrong brick. Building a new house, you probably should have had weekly contact with the builder for status updates.

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Texas Insurance Agency Benefit Resource Group Offers a Life Insurance Buying Guide and Tip Sheet for All Ages

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) December 31, 2011

Whether individuals live in Texas, Oklahoma or any locale from coast to coast, most Americans wonder why, if, and when they need life insurance. In order to help consumers create a road map for success, the team at Benefit Resource Group, or BRG, works with individuals in Texas and Oklahoma who are seeking advice from a local Texas insurance agency. Led by Howard Crissey and Danny OConnell, the agencys team of experts has developed a life insurance buying guide to help provide some basic direction. Although these tips do not constitute a financial plan or replace a face-to-face meeting with an experienced insurance agent, they can help people gain a better understanding of their life insurance needs and options with a basic timeline.

Young adults in their 20s and just out of school may be best off purchasing a permanent policy with a minimum death benefit of $ 100,000. Whether individuals in this age demographic are married, single or have kids, they will want to buy some type of life insurance when they are young and healthy in order to obtain lower premiums and lock in their insurability in case they develop health conditions later in life. The cash value that accumulates in a permanent policy can be used as a rainy day fund or emergency savings.
For the person who is getting married, starting a family or purchasing a home, he or she will want a higher death benefit to meet his or her increased liabilities and obligations. A Texas term life insurance policy is a good idea in this situation due to the higher levels of death benefit one can usually acquire with lower premiums. A buyer needs to be sure that the term policy can be converted to a permanent one. Individuals also want to be sure that they have enough life insurance coverage to pay off their mortgage, fund their childrens educations and cover other basic living expenses.
Couples who are having children will want to purchase a permanent policy on their child with a death benefit between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000. This creates a savings account with a death benefit in case the unmentionable should occur. When the child becomes of age, the ownership can be changed so that he or she has the benefit of the cash accumulation over the last 20 years to use as rainy day savings or down payment on a house.
Middle-aged individuals who have college expenses on the horizon may consider implementing a blended strategy, which can allow for a higher death benefit to insure a short-term expense like college funding. With this approach, an individual purchases a permanent whole life or universal life insurance policy with what is called a flexible term rider. In essence, this strategy will take a portion of the dividends from a permanent policy and help purchase a term policy for a higher death benefit at a reduced cost. The term policys death benefit will expire at the end of the period usually within 20 or 30 years but the permanent policy will remain in force.
Older consumers who are concerned with estate taxation and erosion of assets might want to consider a single premium product, which will cover those expenses so they can pass more on to their heirs and charities.

The team at BRG understands that each person has unique needs when it comes to life insurance, which is why they encourage individuals to contact the agency through its website, http://www.brg-tx.com, or at (877) 308-9812 in order to obtain answers to all of their questions. The experts at the Texas insurance agency are always happy to lend a hand to local residents looking to plan for the future!

About Benefit Resource Group:

For over 35 years, BRG has been operating in Texas and has grown into Oklahoma while focusing on building relationships with and retaining their clients. The team at BRG has grown exponentially over the years, adding experts that have extensive knowledge in everything insurance-related, whether personal or business policies. No matter what a clients financial situation may be, BRG agents are committed to finding the most affordable and comprehensive solutions for his or her unique needs and helping to identify and solve issues individuals might not have been aware of.