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Go for a high class approach with glass balconies for your property 
Gorgeous Glass Balconies and glass balustrades are capable of totally transforming the exterior of your property. Quite simply, Glass Balconies are stunning to look at from a distance and even better to enjoy when you have a little free time on your hands.  Have Glass Balconies installed outside of your bedroom, fit a set of French doors and you are free to enjoy the great outdoors anytime you like.  Made from high quality glazing and fitted with a number of options to suit your individual taste, Glass Balconies are fabulous features that provide your home with a touch of a class, thanks to their special glazing. 
Find a style that suits
One of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make when choosing Glass Balconies is the style you prefer.  There are so many outstanding designs you see, with a variety of different Glass Balconies in all size and style options.  It’s always a good idea to contact specialists that design, manufacture and install glass balconies and glass balustrades in the initial instance.  This way you can talk through your project, see the Glass Balconies they supply and look at some of their past projects. It won’t take long to find a style of Glass Balconies that’ll look lovely when fitted to your home and the entire process couldn’t be easier if you deal with experts in balconies right from the start. 
Sit back and relax
Order glass balconies or glass balustrades through experts in the industry and they make the whole process such a simple operation.  You choose the design of the Glass Balconies you prefer and they take care of everything else.  They’ll conduct site surveys for the Glass Balconies, make sure planning applications are dealt with and complete professional installations on site.  Not only do they offer the most amazing Glass Balconies on the market, they also provide an excellent standard of customer service throughout the entire project.  It’s easy to order gorgeous Glass Balconies from a company that delivers a higher level of service to their customers.  Place your order and it won’t be long until you’re sat on your fabulous feature balcony, enjoying your amazing vantage point.

At we have the most comprehensive and diverse variety of sought after glass balconies and glass balustrades which will satisfy even the most discerning individual. You cannot resist!

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Nice Balconies photos

Check out these balconies images:

Pigeon egg on our balcony
Image by lilitu93
We’ve had a pair of pigeons settling in on our balcony, and here’s the result–one egg!

This picture isn’t that great, as I didn’t want to open up the balcony door, since they’ve laid the egg in my cat’s favourite outdoors place to sleep. I’ll take more pics later when my cat isn’t in the room, so I can keep her off the balcony.

Mesa Verde N.P., Balcony House Tour 8-2008
Image by inkknife_2000
(1 of a 13-picture set)
This is the middle courtyard area. You can see the remnants of a balcony at the mid-point of the two story building. This is how the ruins got its name. Notice that the man in the blue shirt is nearly as tall as the roof line (balcony) of the first floor. People were much shorter back then.

Q&A: What is the best carpet to use at a beach condo on balconies that are on north (shade) side of the condo?

by Empor

Question by beach comber: What is the best carpet to use at a beach condo on balconies that are on north (shade) side of the condo?
The balconies are covered and do not get direct rain but get some moisture due to blowing rain and adjacent planter beds. These balconies which serve 2 condo units each were covered with an indoor/outdoor carpet that lasted for 20 years but was removed during an Ivan restoration project. What product do you recommend for this application?

Best answer:

Answer by rob s
Any carpet that can get wet shouldn t be used out side.. Getting it wet can delaminate the carpet from the backing.
Now if you use a true indoor/out door or a marine carpet then your safe… These are made to take on moisture.. GL

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GARAGE BAND: The Balconies

GARAGE BAND: The Balconies

Ottawa gets particularly chilly in the winter, which might have inspired hometown band The Balconies to cook up their unique brand of warm, infectious melodies. Their inviting sound might also come from their close bond — lead singer Jacquie Neville and drummer Liam Jaeger are a couple, with her kid brother Stephen holding The Balconies sound together on bass. Check out their performance of Battle Royale from their self-titled debut, out now on Audio Blood records.
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The Balconies – “Kill Count”: SXSW 2012 Showcasing Artist

It’s a birds and the bees sort of question… Or maybe a chicken or the egg sort of question… What came first the rosined violin strings, major falls, classical theory or the smashed guitars, split finger tips and sweaty bodies? To see the Balconies play is nothing short of grasping at science. Even when placed down neatly in a Petri dish underneath thumbs and forefingers — the DNA-code of their infectious pop hooks interweaved with classical sensibility and theory is hard to discern. At what point did their university-learned mastery of classical theory give birth to their understanding of rock and roll energy and pop structuring? Hence the whole chicken-or-the-egg conundrum… “Whoa, check out the vocal pipes on that one!”, “I can’t stop dancing!”, “Those bass lines are so bold!” “I heard they were created in a lab!”, “I want to live on those eyelashes!” — cry the swarms of people, mouths open and half-finished bottles held waiting for the set’s end so as not to miss a moment. But the Ottawa ex-pats don’t bat an uncoordinated lash — they play onwards in sweaty leather, haloed by the spotlight. The Balconies are a band with a story. Siblings Jacquie and Steven Neville lead from their perches at the front of the stage, with Jacquie’s wide-eyed guitar strums and Stephen’s lanky bass lines tumbling in a dryer filled with Liam Jaeger’s rhythmic peppering. For those well-versed in indie-rock archetypes, the Balconies’ beginnings — boy meets girl in university while
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

Balconies – The Ready Set Download: LYRICS: So if you just ask, you know that I’ll stay here To keep you warm when midwest winter comes If that’s what you need, I think that I’d suffice, dear I’m hoping you can take my heart and mold it into something pure and true Oh, I see it in the look in your eyes like its not over Oh, the way that it sways and swells like ashes in the sky This will fall in place, this will fall in place But I don’t wanna miss one day of your eyes and your smile And everything else that I love, that I love So say you need me all the same, you need me all the same and you don’t wanna see me go I know it’s gonna break your heart that I’m the same, but its fine, we’ll be fine We’ve got You’re faking me out when we were just kids, dear The hallway where I held your hand’s still there The set and the sea is blue as fake eyes and sweet with melodies The Florida coast line, we chased the sunrise I’m hoping not to get to you in time I love the Pacific, I couldn’t tell you how they’re different but they’re here and they’re now so keep your ears to the ground Oh, You got me all broke up over second chances Oh, I thought that it was cool how you would play it when you’re out and dancin’ This will fall in place, this will fall in place But I don’t wanna miss one day of your eyes and your smile And everything else that I love, that I love So say you need me all the same, you need me all the same and you don’t wanna see me go I know its gonna break your
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[Live in Bellwoods NXNE picnic 2011] The Balconies - Day 2

The Balconies played day 2 of the Live in Bellwoods NXNE picnic v.2011 http
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Cool Balconies images

A few nice balconies images I found:

Fallen Balcony
Image by Sentience
Moving into a brand new building isn’t turning out to be the the worry-free experience for which we had hoped. A neighbour’s balcony collapsed over the weekend, neatly crushing the air conditioner of their downstairs neighbour.

Being at courtyard level, we don’t have a balcony, and the one above us is connected to two walls, so we’re not sweating this as much as, say, the people across the courtyard who have a balcony identical to the one that fell.

Image by sez9
Balcony in old town chania