Philosophical Underpinnings

Awakening one self is discovering of the hidden force in ones self. The problem

with ones image is that someone else view of you.The way one thinks of ones self

is not the way most people fell about them self.

People let other people dictate how ones fell about them self’s. That why people

don’t do the things that they know they can do . People do the things that will benefit

the other person not yourself.

That the reason that I am writing this article to show people that you can do any thing

that you fill like doing. With a little bit of knowledge you can learn how . Knowledge

can be got in anywhere, the Internet , your everyday lift anywhere you can pickup


By doing a Internet marketing business you gain self esteem that is reassuring to ones

self’s .Gain self esteem will drive you to do the things that everybody else says you can’t

do. Somewhere beneath all the added on characteristics at the surface of the personality

a Real Self is wanting to emerge.

So emerge and become the person that you want to be and do the things you want to do.

This is written so the people that has second thoughts about Internet marketing should

stop and get started ,because it your time and money that you lost. So lets get started


All procrastination is devoted to is resistance. The mine imagines how unpleasant

a task will be by comparing it to past tasks that went wrong.

I have been talking about self esteem and how other people destroys ones self esteem.

So how ones fell about his or herself is set in our mine by the things that we expect

in life, tell us how we doing things now.

If you have anything that you fell that in your mine that you can do now the time to

do it. The Internet is the place to fine the where and the how to’s. There’s just about

anything you need to know, the answer is on the net.

Philosophical underpinnings have stop us form doing the things that we fell that we can

do but don’t . So lets get started and look on the net for your niche.

Your Internet Guy

John Pentland

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