Knock Down Rebuild

Before The Existing House

New House….the AFTER

Annandale new home
New House….the AFTER [rear]

annandale new home

Knockdown rebuild new home annandale

New House….the AFTER [internal]

The client was faced with a dilemma……… buy the house next door and do their own knock down rebuilt and therein guarantee their continued city views or let it go and hope their view wasn’t going to be built out.They decided to be proactive and design the new house with set levels so that the new roof would not protrude above their existing balconey.
This was a challenge. A house of sufficient value to match the area requires a lap pool. The new Basix regulations then require 20,000 litres of storage of storm water….this means a big basement to be carved out of solid rock which meant i had to hammer out about 500 ton of sandstone to make the space for the 2 10,000litre tanks. Add to that the complex hydraulics as the tanks below road drainage levels there was over $100k spent just to get compliance for water storage Basix targets……..little wonder average Joe just gives up.

The Construction

Knock Down or Renovate?

Typical McMansions next door both sides...they did the cheaper knockdown replacement exercise.

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