How To Build a CFL Grow Light Fixture – CHEAP! This light does a nice job for under including bulbs. I suggest getting more powerful bulbs to really kick your growing up a notch. Here is a link to some nice ones that I plan to buy and install in this fixture: 85watt 6700K bulb: 85watt 2700K bulb: Dual Light Socket Online: Comments welcome, thanks! ALSO…If you’d like to share a photo of what you created with this idea, upload a photo to and send me the link to it. I’ll add it to the sidebar info for others to see! Check out these photo links for a 4 bulb version that You Tube user EatDrinkSmokeBeMerry came up with: ALSO! You Tube user betitalldiebroke sent these links and info to what he did: I removed the the cage from the drop light, cut a hole in the hood, put the light through the hole, added the sockets, screwed in the bulbs and was done. I went with the 105watt CFL bulbs you linked. You Tube user granne2 came up with this version which is very nice: You Tube user SmunchyReviews came up with this long, deluxe, heavy duty version: and shelmarie87 sent me these photos of their build: