Replacement Engines Engine Assemblies: Letting Your Ride Roll Out

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Perth Swimming Pool Expert Unveils Its Heated Swim Jet Pool to the Public

Perth, Western Australia (PRWEB) July 10, 2012

Pool Developments, an expert builder of concrete swimming pools in Perth, has announced the release of its latest product – the heated swim jet pool specifically designed for athletes and for those who would like to take advantage of the health benefits of swimming.

According to the company, their latest product is a concrete swimming pool which has been designed with automatic sterilisation, through the use of salt and chlorine. In addition, the heated swim jet pool also features a gas heater, which users can utilise to adjust the water to their desired temperature.

Pool Developments released the following specifications: the size of the pool is approximately 6 metres by 3 metres with a depth of 1.2 metres to 1.6 metres; but the size can be adjusted to fit the needs of the customer. It also has a large swim stream that uses a unique bubble free propeller, providing users with a variable swim speed against a steady current. In addition, this new pool design boasts of a fast lane swim stream with a powerful 5 Hp pump.

The established swimming pool company clarified that one of the reasons why it has come out with its latest product is because it wanted to offer something new to its clients. Industry experts then pointed out that indeed, this new pool design by Pool Developments can be a very good investment, considering that swimming is a fun form of exercise, and with the convenience of a pool at home, it could mean healthy activities for the family all year round.

Aside from the numerous features that the heated swim jet pool offers, Pool Developments confirmed that it also provides other services all of which are related to the installation of new pool designs. These services include: taking care of the local government building permit application for the owner, building a concrete pool shell according to Australian industry standards with a 15-year warranty, excavation, installation of a Chemigem or Saltigem chemical control system, installation of a flush mounted W950 LED underwater light and pool wall heater pipes for hot water circulation, and many other specifications.

The company will also provide a cleaning kit to its clients, which includes a vacuum head, leaf scoop, chemical test kit, initial water treatment, adjustable handle, pool broom and other tools needed to maintain the efficiency of the pool.

In response to this release of the heated swim jet pool, industry experts and swimmers alike are looking forward to trying the product out as soon as possible. The retail price for this new Pool Developments pool design starts at $ 40,000.

Pool Developments is a swimming pool company known for its excellent service and quality products, such as its Perth custom designed swimming pools, concrete swimming pools, plunge pools and other pool designs. Aside from pool installation, and at the option of the client, the company may do additional services, such as landscaping, paving, fencing, garden boxes, and installation of additional water features.

The company also provides services like pool repairs, redesigning, restoration and other services specifically designed to make a backyard pool as attractive and as useful as it should be.

For those who are looking to have their pools redesigned or restored, or for those who are planning to have a new one installed, do not hesitate to give Pool Developments a call at 0419 405 289 or you can visit their website at

land record 004

A few nice land and home images I found:

land record 004
land and home
Image by Jon Haynes Photography
government reconstructing and refinancing the idea of home with something called the Mort Gage.

Martinez Home
land and home
Image by jimbowen0306
The Martinez home was on land later owned by John Muir, the father of the American Park Service.

National Children’s Home Harpenden
land and home
Image by theirhistory
Highfield NCH, an early view before the third block for boys, the hospital block and main chapel were built.
Showing the two main blocks for the girls, the main boys block 2 of 3, the school, the admin block, and the laundry.
The trees around the Oval had not yet been planted. The main three trees in the centre are still in their prime.
Now the site of YWAM (Youth With a Mission) – Thanks for keeping our Home nice.

Fort Bend Land and Homes is bucking the US Trends

Article by Linda Landman

Prudential Gary Greene Realtor, previous small business owner. Residing in Richmond, Texas and marketing throughout Fort Bend County.

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Home Basix 2026 Household Angle Broom

Home Basix 2026 Household Angle Broom

Home Basix 2026 Household Angle Broom

  • Angled to reach into corners and along baseboards
  • Split tip fiber picks up light dirt and dust
  • Metal handle with hang up cap
  • 100 % recycled material in broom block and fibers

Angled to reach into corners and along baseboards. Split tip fiber picks up light dirt and dust. Metal handle with hang up cap, 100 percent recycled material in broom block and fibers.

List Price: $ 5.75

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B002EJGVH6″]

[wpramareviews asin=”B002EJGVH6″]

Exposing The True Secrets Of Real Estate Investing!

Exposing The True Secrets Of Real Estate Investing!
Wall Street Banker Turned Real Estate Investor Exposes The Secrets Of Wholesaling Houses! Attract Massive Amounts Of Motivated Sellers, Serious Cash Buyers And Make Money On Leads You Never Close A Deal With!! Exclusive Partnership Bonus Included
Exposing The True Secrets Of Real Estate Investing!

Ever been to #Beijing? Since I first cane here they’ve knocked down and rebuilt Qianmen Dajie because it wasn’t ‘Chinese enough…

A few nice knock down rebuild images I found:

Ever been to #Beijing? Since I first cane here they’ve knocked down and rebuilt Qianmen Dajie because it wasn’t ‘Chinese enough…
knock down rebuild
Image by Mr Rob Mills

2nd Building Before and After
knock down rebuild
Image by RyanIsHungry
yeah we pretty much re-built the thing. the whole second floor was knocked down and rebuilt. the foundation and first floor studs are the same. that’s about it.
amazing how much more room you get when you straighten a gabled roof.

Happy V-Day!
knock down rebuild
Image by hellabella
better late than never…

Call to Repentance, Distress in America, Philadelphia U.S.A. Mentioned by Name

Washington D. C. (PRWEB) May 27, 2012

Dr. David Owuor, recognized by the global church as the the LORD’s end-time prophet, recently stated live in a packed Toronto Canada pastor’s conference, April 29, 2012 that “judgment is about to fall in America”, and a “very dark day is going to dawn. Specifically, the prophet said that he heard and saw, “Philadelphia and a tall building with smoke.

These are the days of distress prophesied and seen by Daniel the prophet in Daniel 12:1.

The prophet quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14 and says that the LORD is loving the land of America. “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and turn away from sin, I will hear, says the LORD.”

On August 23, 2011, Dr. David Owuor warned specifically of the U.S. earthquake live on and international radio five hours before the shocking earthquake that struck Washington D.C., and the east coast of the United States.

In addition, he prophesied judgment to the United Stated southern coast in July 2005 several weeks before hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans repeating the call to repentance from sexual sin, lying, and the prosperity gospel. See the video of the Prophet’s exact words dated July 20th, 2005 in Nairobi, Kenya at

Then as now, the LORD is calling for national repentance in the United States, from the White House, Stock Exchanges and Hollywood to the politicians, corporate leaders, and especially the church (the bride of Christ). This call to repentance by Dr. Owuor was given live on air, on and recorded here at

Pastor Louis Lupo of Maryland Altar says, “given that the Prophet speaks for the LORD, and his accuracy and message of repentance and of holiness is evidence thereof (Deuteronomy 13:1 and Deuteronomy 18:15) America should soberly and seriously receive the national call to repentance.

Many of Dr. Owuor’s fulfilled prophecies can be verified and found online for free at and

Prepare the Way, the Messiah is coming!

Media Contacts

Louis Lupo

Pastor, Maryland Altar



James Ngugi

Pastor, Kings Outreach U.S.A.



Quintessentially Villas’ Equestrian Estates

London, UK (PRWEB) May 16, 2012

Where do people want to venture to if they have a love for horses? Quintessentially Villas are experts in this area and have named five properties that can deliver just this.

California Equestrian Estate

The Royal Jewel of the Equestrian Crown, this vast estate in Santa Barbara is the one that shines the brightest! Set in 22 acres of land, California Equestrian Estate adjoins the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, boasts a private exercise field with a trail accessing the club grounds and 54-stall stables. The expansive views over the equestrian exercise field to the ocean and beyond is a truly wonderful sight! The property itself offers 6 bedrooms, a home cinema, wine cellar, infinity swimming pool, a gated entrance and ample parking space. California Equestrian Estate will give someone and their horse royal luxury!

La Fortuna

Step back in time with a stay at the enchanting property, La Fortuna. Located in the rural countryside just two hours from Buenos Aires, Argentina, La Fortuna is home to over twenty horses and a collection of carriages. Be Lady of the Manor and explore the beautiful Argentinean countryside from the comfort of ones own carriage. Alternatively, if people prefer to be in the driving seat, La Fortuna can teach guests how to drive them! Once the racing is over, relax and unwind in the propertys elegant living area, take a dip in the swimming pool, explore the library, play in the billiard room or simply soak up the breathtaking terrace views while the staff of eight take care of guests every need.

Mas Mateau

Home to Southern Europes leading equestrian facilities and led by a member of Spains highly regarded classical training team, Mas Mateau in Empord

Biaoxin Mixers to Complete Inspections of Mixing Machines for Sale to Egypt

Xuyi, Jiangsu Province (PRWEB) May 16, 2012

Final inspections on Biaoxins food mixer are coming to a close before the company begins final preparations for shipment. The company is presently securing the final documents for the transaction.

Biaoxin continues to produce quality mixing machines such as the food mixer soon to be shipped to facilities in Egypt. Officials from Egypt recently made the journey to Huaian City to inspect food mixer documents for preparedness. Inspections were also conducted on the vacuum emulsifying mixer to ensure the quality and performance of the mixing machine. With initial inspections completed pre-shipment inspection certificates will be secured and the shipping process will proceed.

The inspection process is a very thorough procedure to ensure first that necessary documents are indeed in order for shipping to proceed. Egyptian officials also inspect the machine for compliance with industry standards and ensure the mixing machines work smoothly and properly.

These procedures are standard for the wide variety of mixing machines made by Biaoxin. As inspections come to a successful close the company will begin to proceed with making shipping arrangements to send the quota to Egypt. Further information on the inspection and shipping process can be viewed at

About Biaoxin Mixers

In 2007, Biaoxin Mixers relocated to Xuyi, Jiangsu Province. They are one of the fastest growing vacuum mixer suppliers in China. The company designs, manufactures and engineers several types of high shear mixers and mixing machines including vacuum mixers, emulsifiers, multi-shaft mixers and homogenizers. Their emulsifying machine is in full compliance with international standards regarding quality and the company has a wide variety of government and professional certifications. For more information about Biaoxin Mixers visit their web site at

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