Building Legals

If you are renovating you will want to check:

Do You Need Council Approval ?

Does your renovation comply?

Unauthorised building works often come to Council’s attention during the process of property exchange or when a complaint is received from a neighbour or other interested party .

In the event that Council has become aware of unauthorised building works a range of regulatory action is possible by Council.

The issue of a penalty notice [on the spot fine] to the owner[ individual or corporation] for an unauthorised residential, industrial, or commercial building work.

The issue of an order under the environmental planning and assessment act 1979, requiring the building owner to demolish the unauthorised structure.

Further Council may issue additional penalty notice for an individual corporation where councils order to demolish an unauthorised structure has not been complied with will stop

Council may commence legal proceedings for either a court order to demolish the structure or to seek the imposition of a penalty this action may be taken against the builder and/or the owner.

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