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Tempoary services reconnected, Brick piers and hardwood floor framing in.

Wall framing started

This back yard was a good space to make up frames in

Ply wall bracing, yellow tongue flooring

Keeping internals protected whilst removing existing back external wall

Roof trusses on and bowral blue blacks loaded out

Valley boards in. trusses fixed off and old roof left underneath to the last minute

Tarp ready to go when tiles come off.

With roof cover up more internal walls can come down

New internal wall framing, looking out.

Beam put in to support old ceiling joists

Orange tongue boards getting puhed around for final fix off before floating floor install

Now locked up with three and one bifold door all with lami glass to meet basix requirements

Internal plaster with first paint coats and floating floor boards getting slid into placeat, odio.


Rear patio already demolished and boards sewer already encased with piers along side
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This project was to be a new kitchen and dining add on to the entrance ground floor level of about 2.7m x 7m. After closer inspection the external walls of the home were founded on a good 5 m of sand whick overlaid a sloping rock bed.

Water had been running under ground over the years causing walls to sink and crack. A number of bodgee repairs had been carried out over the many incarnations of this of this building which had been part of the original Banker Gordons estate in the days when it was quicker to take a boat from the back door to Sydney cove as opposed to riding a horse direct.To be sure there was going to be no further subsidence of existing walls it was necessary to underpin these.

As such it was decided that a screw pier underpinning slab was the best solution to handle this problem at the same time adding further function to the place as this space could now be used as an external shower area.

Getting into it !

You can see what a screw pier looks like here.

Getting slab ready to pour

Pump getting set up for pour.

Slab poured.

Bricking up to support the wall.

Steel frame being erected.

Floor framing taking place

View from under floor..timber joists painted for extra protection

Kitchen walls ready to be knocked out.

Wall framing happening

Roof framing

Extra Steel beam going in to support existing over flexed beams. Existing beam ends cut off and replaced with supporting plates as these were totally corroded in the brickwork.

Internal beams fixed in place before the rest of brick wall is demolished for safety.

Three layers of construction here...ceiling , old roof, newer deck which had leaked unchecked except for the doggist in ceiling guttering and leak trays.

Leak trays with hoses...boy that deck must have been a leak night mare to go to the effort to build an in ceiling leak catch system.

Copper guttering rotted away..the sea side is a harsh environment...forget colorbond...stainless the only way to go.

Every house tells a storey and this one is no exception. This one started as a corner block with an existing home and an adjoining run down shop frontage with a garage over.
clip_image002_0007 clip_image002_0008 clip_image002_0009 clip_image002_0010

House to the left was the property which financed the second house rebuild.

Barge boards cut out with water jets. Every effort made to keep appearances in opulent character of this period.

Rear lane view showing walled deck with entertainment accomodation under with garage.

All rendered facades, decorative window surrounds minimized to the rear elevation.


This property was picked up by a would be self taught home hany women renovator. She subdivided the block and did some superficial renovations to the existing cottage and sold this one off to finance a new in character dwelling on the old work shop site. I got involved in the clearing the remanents of the old workshop...there was a few weeks work there with our 5T excavator with hammer and grabs getting rid of the enclosed concrete garden beds and thousands of meters of electrical wiring...apparently the previous owner was an old german garbo worker with a bit of cash cropping on the side. We built this one to lock up stage to the owners specification...and as you can see she has turned out a sight for sore eyes. Basement existing was turned into garage/ laundry/ in law accomodation, ground floor double brick and first floor brick veneer. With a section 96 we were able to squeeze in another bedroom to the roof space. External completely rendered with decorative trims .Traditional slate roof installed by Sydney’s best slate tradie.
A budget was definetly kept in mind doing this project..you could of easily spent $70k on the 4 level staircase but it was done for less than half that cost with careful shopping. Sold 2007 for about $1.7.....the build was about $500 so she made a pretty penny on this one.

Interior designer practised her own skills to make a kill here.

clip_image002_0012 clip_image002_0013 clip_image001 clip_image001_0000

A little extra care with the Ashlar markings make a big difference to final appearances.

The neighbours did pretty well out of this renovation.

Retention trenching takes up the whole back yard. Site documentation photos by phone camera.

Fabric [geotex] on before backfilling & grass over.


What you see here is a shared easement used for access for four properties. We did a renovation to the rear of the new building which you can see has the new roller door.
The renovation consisted of new bath , kitchen, living, deck and garage. The boards drainage mains ran under the new garage footprint so we were required to encase these as a first step at no small expense [about 10k].
The client was required at his expense to do a new driveway on the easement to the far boundary of his property for the benefit of all 4 owners. There is no cost sharing as with new fences to adjoining properties.
clip_image002_0014 clip_image002_0015 clip_image002_0016 clip_image002_0017

Partially sanded weather boards maintained for orginality

New add-on to the rear of restored cottage.

A Profit Maker


This was a million dollar knock down rebuild...all except the front facade any way...the council had heritage feelings for it which required it to be maintained....the solution...the complete front wall was picked up and stored at the side of the site so that work could proceed on the main building and near the conclusion the facade was lifted back in place and then rebuilt with new timber board by board....you can see the architects touch by the front door where the originals boards were refixed and not painted a new. The basement in this house was dug out of rock and required extensive perimeter drainage with auto pump out to dispose of the continual under rock seepage. Height and shadowing were a concern for neighbours hence you see the flat butyl clad roof with high level perimeter windows as most of the first floor is in the space of the previous pitched roof of this workers cottage This job had a few issues between architect and owner...the owner late in the piece wanting shadowline door trim instead of usual architraves. The architect having specified the whole job in treated pine [ to deal with any ant problem] which is lucky to have a straightness factor of no better then 10mm in 2meters doesn’t lend itself to a good finish....steel stud tracking should of been used as framing members to produce a satisfactory shadow line finish........if the architect or builder had been informed of this requirement before the build, then these problems could of been eliminated. This is a good example of build as you go by client [mind changing ]causing issues upsetting themselves, architect and builder



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